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Continuous Baler

Continuous Baler

  • Continuous Operation
  • Three Sides Compression
  • Bales Density up to 3 t / m³
  • Output Speed ~ 100 Bales /hr
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MODEL (CB) 30E30405060
MAIN FORCE in tons210210210300400
SIDE FORCE in tons120210210300400
THIRD FORCE in tons120150150 200200
BALE SIZE in mm300300400500600
CYCLE TIME in secs4530304560
CHAMBER in meters1x2.7x0.91x2.7x0.91.25x2.7x1.01.5x2.8x1.11.5x2.9x1.2
CAPACITY Ton/hr Steel7.514202530
MOTOR POWER Kw75150225225270
WEIGHT in tons30586585110
Continuous Balers
Continuous Balers