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Fumes Extraction Systems

Fumes Extraction systems are air pollution control equipment installed to capture fugitive fume gases smoke and dust emissions generated from the meeting of scrap and DRI in an induction furnace. They are hazardous and detrimental to human health & environmental.
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Technical Key Points
  • 100 % PLC Controlled
  • Stack Emissions < 30 mg / m3
  • FES Dust Sellable Easily @ INR 30,000 / t
  • Power Usage with Dog House < 10 kwh / t
  • FUMES Collection with Dog House ~ 95 %
  • Multiple Pressure & Temperature Sensors
100% Automation Through
  • PLC Control Bag House
  • VVFD Control Blower
  • Temperature Sensors
  • DP Pressure Sensors
  • Flow Meters
  • HMI Screen
Fumes Extraction Systems

Our Products

Dog House
Side Hood
Bag House
Scrap Feeding Trolley
Vibro Feeder
Ladle Car
Dri Conveyor
Ash Conveyor

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