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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is manufactured through heating silica sand and carbon to high temperatures in the Acheson furnace. Silicon carbide is an extremely hard material (Mohs hardness 9.25), is chemically inert. Silicon Carbide has a high thermal conductivity, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, is thermal shock and abrasion resistant and has strength at high temperatures. Silicon carbide’s varied properties make it an effective material in many different applications.

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  • Metallurgical deoxidizer.
  • High temperature resistant materials.
  • As abrasive, abrasive tools can be used to such as grinding wheels, whetstones.


GradeChemical Composition %
SiCFree CarbonFe2O3
SiC 9999.0 min0.1 max0.10 max
SiC 9898.0 min0.25 max0.30 max
SiC 9797.0 min0.30 max0.30 max
SiC 9595.0 min1.0 max0.30 max
SiC 8888.50 min2.80 max0.50 max