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Carbon Raiser / Carbon Additive

Carbon Raiser / Carbon Additive

Carbon raiser, Carbon additive, or Calcined Anthracite Coal is produced in gas-fired furnaces under temperatures of 700⁰C~1300⁰C, obtaining a depolarized and partially graphitized product.

The primary application of carbon raisers is in steel mill ladles, melting, holding and even blast furnaces as carbon raisers, carbon additives, recarburizers, carburizer, injection carbon and carbon foaming material.

The raw material is procured from Ningxia a source of high-quality anthracite, with characteristics of low ash and low sulfur with High carbon content to realize higher carbon recovery.

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It is used primarily as a carbon additive/carburizer/carbon raiser/recarburiser in steel / foundry industry.

Product No.SpecificationApplication
CAC95F.C.>95%, S<0.25%, V.M.<1.2%, H2O<0.5%, Ash<4.0%Steel making & foundry industries
CAC94F.C.>94%, S<0.25%, F.C.>94%, S<0.25%, Ash<5.0%Steel making & foundry industries
CAC93F.C.>93%, S<0.25%, V.M.<1.3%, H2O<0.5%, Ash<6.0%Steel making & foundry industries
CAC92F.C.>92%, S<0.25%, V.M.<1.3%, H2O<0.5%, Ash<6.5%Steel making & foundry industries
CAC91F.C.>91%, S<0.25%, V.M.<1.5%, H2O<0.5%, Ash<7.5%Steel making & foundry industries
CAC90F.C.>90%, S<0.25%, V.M.<1.5%, H2O<0.5%, Ash<8.5%Steel making & foundry industries
  • * Sizing and packaging is available as per customer requirement
  • * Lower grades of 85% and 88% Carbon content available on request