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Coal Gasification

We are the leading supplier for all gasification needs of the industry. Coal is abundant and cheaper than oil and natural gas.

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Upstage Gas

  • Volatile Maer of Coal is extracted in un-cracked form (CnHm)
  • Calorific Value ~1750 Kcal/Nm³
  • Low Outlet Gas Temperature ~ 100°C

Downstage Gas

  • Carbonized Gas is extracted as a result of Gasification Reason
  • Calorific value ~1200 Kcal/Nm³
  • High Outlet Gas Temperature ~450°C

Coal Gas Quality

  • Tar Content <10 mg/Nm³
  • Dust Content <10 mg/Nm³
  • Sulphur Content <10 mg/Nm³
  • Moisture Content <30mg/Nm³
  • Cold Gas Temperature ~40°C
  • Coal Gas Pressure 8 – 150 Kpa
  • Phenolic Water Discharge Nil
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Double Stage Gasification Technology

Coal Gasification

For High Ash Coal
For Low Ash Coal
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